We're building bridges for entrepreneurs, breakthrough thinkers & start-ups . . .

. . . to take ideas from concept to commercialization

Bringing together ideas, people & capital, we're building bridges . . .

. . . to overcome some of our world’s greatest challenges

Ability is a valuable resource; to use it well requires insight & understanding . . .

. . . but to make a lasting difference, we look beyond ability, investing in its potential

Potential is our most precious commodity; achieving it takes belief, courage & commitment

... our entrepreneurial spirit enables people, businesses & communities to realize theirs


Forging Futures in Extraordinary Enterprise

The Abdul Latif Jameel Investment Management Company, or ‘JIMCO’ is the global investment arm of the Jameel Family.

Leveraging our proven commercial heritage of over three quarters of a century across diverse business sectors and geographies, we offer more than merely capital in our investment approach

JIMCO consolidates a Jameel Family tradition of investing in positive change that stretches back to at least the early 1980s.

With experience and expertise, perspective and insight – we are committed to foster long-term relationships, founded on mutual trust and respect and imbued with the very essence of meaningful collaboration to grow value and see us thrive together.

Investing in the ‘infrastructure of life’, we aim to forge a better future through supporting extraordinary enterprise where ideas, people and capital come together in ventures that are enabled to go on and build tangible value in activities from which the world truly prospers.

Committed Funds US$
2.5 bn+
Global Funds Invested

Ventures of Value

We seek fast-growing, innovative and technology-driven value creation opportunities across all industries, anywhere in the world.

Championing innovation, we actively invest in early-stage and breakthrough ventures and technologies, aiming to positively shape the future of core industries driving the global economy, from healthtech, to fintech/insurtech, electric vehicles and future mobility solutions.


We look to where we can create value in developing innovative business that will truly benefit future society.

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Sustainable technology . . .
for people & planet

Dedicated to the advancement of emergent and breakthrough technologies in our core focus areas we never lose sight of why this matters, placing sustainability as a key requirement.


As society rapidly journeys toward a world of interconnected, on-demand, shared, subscriptional and most importantly, sustainable mobility, we’re continuing our 75 year commitment to be a key global player in this transformational change, investing in innovative enterprises who are redefining the very meaning of mobility in the new economy.

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A Journey to improve life . . . and lives

The rapid and accelerating innovation cycle in global health technology, including AI, therapeutics, medical devices, regenerative medicine and more, presents significant opportunities to drive more inclusive access to modern medical care.

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Our Funds

Life Sciences Fund

We’re investing to accelerate access to medical care, bridging the gap in inclusivity.

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Strategic Asset Fund

We're investing responsibly in funds advancing a more beautiful tomorrow for all.

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Technology Fund

We're dedicated to advancing emergent technology, building bridges to commercialization.

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Investing in the infrastructure of life

We are committed to support those pioneering pathfinders who dare to dream – entrepreneurs and businesses journeying through their different growth stages.  Our funds are invested in businesses with proven market traction and a clear pathway to further value growth.  Our commitment goes beyond funding, with direct investment bringing knowledge and experience.

This is an entrepreneurial spirit that has driven us for over three quarters of a century, from the very beginning of our family business.  Today we bring this same spirit with an operational focus for our partners, a long-term, responsible sustainable approach to investment ownership creates value in our commercial businesses and society as a whole.

Founder & CEO Stories

Hosam Arab

Hosam Arab is the Co-founder and CEO of tabby, a UAE-based fintech start-up and the region’s leading ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ consumer solution.

Mohamed Mossaad
& Enas Siam

Mohamed Mossaad, Co-founder and CEO, Flextock, was Chief Strategy Officer at Egyptian food order/delivery startup Elmenus.  Enas Siam, Co-founder and COO was previously with Careem. Both the founders have previously also worked in the FMCG sector.

Mossaad  states: “Flextock is a purpose-driven company. We are on a mission to enable all merchants, regardless of their size, to efficiently scale their brands” and Enas adds: “We see a huge opportunity in powering the next generation of commerce in the region by allowing anyone to seamlessly start and grow an online business by leveraging our tech-enabled fulfillment and logistics solutions.”

Joseph Dallago

Joseph Dallago is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rain, a Bahrain-based licensed cryptocurrency digital trading platform.

JoeBen Bevirt

JoeBen Bevirt is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JOBY Aviation and has led the team since its inception, more than a decade ago.

Hisham Al-Falih

Hisham Al-Falih is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lean Technologies, a Saudi Arabian start-up aiming to build the infrastructure for fintech in the Middle East.

Fabrice Chouraqui

Dr Fabrice Chouraqui PhD is Chief Executive Officer of Cellarity, and CEO-Partner Flagship Pioneering, he is an accomplished and experienced global pharmaceutical executive.

RJ Scaringe

RJ Scaringe founded RIVIAN in 2009, and established RIVIAN’s innovative product and technology platform.

Simba Gill

Dr. Simba Gill, PhD is President, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Evelo Biosciences since 2015.


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