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Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE) is an independent, billion-pound investment company, created in 2015 to found, fund and build transformational businesses through its unique partnership with the University of Oxford, the world’s number 1 research university.

This partnership enables OSE to work with the brightest academic minds tackling the world’s toughest challenges and guarantees unrivalled access to their scientific research.

In collaboration with its global network of entrepreneurs and advisers, OSE shapes and nurtures complex ideas into successful businesses.  Actively focused on a core portfolio of around 40 companies spanning three high-growth, high-impact sectors – Life Sciences, Health Tech, and Deep Tech – OES adopts a flexible, long-term investment approach, recognizing the path from ground-breaking research to global markets takes time and resilience.

To date, OSE has invested £0.5 billion in over 80 ambitious companies built on Oxford science.  A key player in Oxford’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, OES is highly motivated to foster an environment that catalyzes pioneering research and steers it to commercial success.


Fund in Fund Jul 2022
  • Alexis Dormandy
    Chief Executive Officer

JIMCO is proud to have participated in the July 2022, funding round where OES raised a further £250 million (US$ 300 million) in funding bringing the total to more than £850 million (over US$ 1 billion) since inception in 2015.

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