Thinking Forward is in Our Nature . . .

We are backing promising and forward thinking fund managers with a clear long-term vision that is, importantly, aligned to our own, together with a significant degree of specialization in relevant sectors.  These range from sustainable approaches for food and water production, security and land use, to drivers of progress and democratization of global energy transformation towards renewable, sustainable and clean sources of power.

This thoughtful approach leads us to two primary objectives that go hand-in-hand: delivering appropriate financial returns and delivering tangible environmental and societal outcomes.

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Regenerative Farming . . .
for People & Planet

New Zealand is undoubtedly a world leader in sustainable farming, agricultural research and innovation.  This leadership is achieved with a both population and a government passionate about the environment and the unique ecosystems of the islands.


This is a forward thinking approach itself underpinned by progressive government policies and public-private investment exploring and supporting ways to curtail the environmental impact of agriculture.


We have committed to a progressive fund aligned with our own sustainability principles, that invests in sustainable farming in New Zealand, particularly in permanent crops such as kiwi fruit, apples and others.


The fund advances its sustainable agriculture agenda through targeting innovative tech and business models and also acquiring and turning around underperforming farms as well as transforming bare land to environmentally sound but productive use, helping to keep smaller farms in family ownership.


This is a regenerative approach to food production heralding a way of farming that can help mitigate or even reverse the damage in our water, soil, climate and biodiversity systems.

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Democratizing the Energy Transition & Decarbonizing Mobility

There’s no longer any doubt that the world is in the early stages of a seismic shift in how we produce – and use – energy.


This change is founded on material and ongoing reductions in cost across new energy technologies, including solar, wind, and storage together with advances in network, computing, and intelligence technologies are all impacting and enabling the energy sector.


However, the transformational journey ahead is long, and will not be an economically simple one.


This is where private capital can play an active participatory role in the  consumerization of new energy technologies and business models; something demanded by today’s ever more engaged consumer.


That’s why we’re backing leading energy transformation funds and real asset private funds who are building sustainable portfolios around resource efficiency, decarbonization, enabling technologies, renewables, distributed energy models, electrification and the electrochemical future of sustainable mobility, water infrastructure and agriculture.

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