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The JIMCO Life Sciences Fund works closely with Abdul Latif Jameel Health, in realizing the Jameel Family ambition of accelerating access to modern medical care for those who need it most, and so actively driving toward a more inclusive approach healthcare for all.

To accomplish this, we’re investing in the future of health-tech, through thoughtfully selected venture fund investments as well as working directly with world leading partners and entrepreneurs in the field, driven by a thirst for disruptive innovation in all that we do.  In this way, the JIMCO Life Sciences Fund and Abdul Latif Jameel Health are focused on delivering real-world tangible solutions to meet our world’s rising health demand for modern medical care.

The rapid innovation cycle in global health technology, guides our investment focus areas where we have prioritized digital health and AI, pharmaceuticals and therapeutics, advanced medical devices and techniques, diagnostics, genomics, regenerative medicine and animal health.

Emerging technologies and innovative business models in these areas present significant opportunities for sustainable growth and meaningful societal benefit for underserved populations, particularly in the ‘Global South’.

This is quickly impacting the developing regulatory environment, in turn accelerating drug and device filing, registration and market authorization as well as licensing arrangements.

We seek to both invest in emerging ideas and connect businesses to new growth opportunities particularly in rapidly developing and high demand markets.

Continuing the Jameel Family’s philanthropic word that co-founded the Jameel Clinic at MIT and the Jameel Institute at Imperial College London, Abdul Latif Jameel Health is extending this commitment to the future of health, working with the dedicated JIMCO Life Sciences Fund to accelerate the access and availability of these across the developing regions of the world an in doing so increase inclusivity for all.

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Human Gut Microbiome

Mining the Microbiome

The human gut plays host to a veritable treasure trove of immunomodulatory bacteria – the microbiome.


The small intestine is the largest part of our immune system and is a central hub of your body’s network of lymphatic vessels. Immune cells circulate through the lymphatic system and through the tissues of the small intestine where they are exposed to and conditioned by the many antigens that continuously pass through.


These now conditioned immune cells can then impact disease and health more generally across the body. Microbes, in particular, have the ability to condition immune cells in the small intestine.


Breakthrough thinking in this relatively new field from Evelo Biosciences is enabling the development of orally delivered, single strains of microbes selected for defined pharmacological properties that can exploit our own body’s immune learning.  The JIMCO Life Sciences Fund is excited to be part of this journey.

Cancer Cells in Human Body

Architecting an entirely new platform for drug discovery

Cellarity has a blended team of experts in therapeutic development, genomics technology, systems biology, digital science and AI who are collaborating in an innovative way to usher in a new era of drug development.


At the confluence of biotechnology and data science, the Cellarity Platform pairs new approaches in machine learning with advances in high-resolution cell data to create medicines from a cell-centric vantage point.


For the first time, modelling cell behaviors to predict interventions to change them allows design of innovative new cell-behavior targeted medicines that influence the cell as a whole and how it interacts with others harnessing the wonderful complexity of human biology.


This is opening avenues to treat countless diseases, including many that have been overlooked or have been too complex to manage with traditional drug approaches.  The JIMCO Life Sciences Fund is proud to actively support this dramatic change to the familiar drug discovery paradigm.

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