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The JIMCO Technology Fund is dedicated to the advancement of emergent technologies and breakthrough thinking across all non-health sectors.  Our primary focus areas include core technology fintech and insurtech; energy, water and renewables; artificial intelligence, software and cloud computing; social, gaming and other consumer platforms; food and agritech, and future mobility solutions.

The JIMCO Technology Fund drives its ambition by both thoughtful and active participation in selected funds and also directly in the most promising start-ups and fledgling enterprises.

Initially a US$ 500 million fund with one limited partnership (LP), the JIMCO Technology Fund is deliberately ‘evergreen’ in nature, enabling rapid access to additional capital as necessary to participate in truly outstanding investment opportunities.

Since inception, the Fund has had a focus mostly on the rapid evolving future of mobility, building on Abdul Latif Jameel’s 65+ years of international experience in the automotive sector.

This has included being a founding investor in US-based electric adventure vehicle start-up RIVIAN, and more recently, JOBY Aviation’s highly publicized all-electric flying taxi personal transport solutions.

The Fund also has an enthusiastic focus on the rapidly developing fintech and insurtech markets, particularly across the Middle East and North African regions, and beyond as this sector is rapidly evolving and delivering solutions for businesses and consumers  to both grow and more actively participate financially in the economic development of these regions.

In parallel, we take an entrepreneurial approach to cover other promising new and nascent sectors including edtech, and digital health.

Outside of MENA, the Fund continues to invest in top tier public and private equity and venture funds and top promising managers who have a clear investment thesis aligned with our own ambitions.

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RIVIAN, An Innovative Electric Vehicle Producer And Future Mobility Brand.

Unplug. Charge On!

Transportation shouldn’t limit us –  it should liberate us.  And each journey we take should leave a mark on the human spirit, not the planet.  That’s the ethos at RIVIAN a cutting-edge electric vehicle manufacturer and future mobility brand who are developing vehicles and technologies to excite and inspire people to get out and explore the world, and to go further into nature than ever before.


As an investor in the infrastructure of life, JIMCO Technology Fund is proud to be a partner in the future of mobility and an early investor in the world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicles.

All-Electric, Vertical Take-Off And Landing (Evtol) Aircraft By Joby Aviation

The Future of Mobility . . .
is Up in the Air

JOBY Aviation a California-based mobility business developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) zero emissions aircraft that can travel 150+ miles on a single charge, enabling a pilot and four passengers to sail over congestion below at up to 200 mph. It hopes to commence commercial flights as a daily use passenger transport in 2024. 


A long-term vision to build a global passenger service that saves a billion people an hour daily, seeks to protect our precious planet in the process.  As well as strategic partnerships with Toyota Motor Corporation, their team of over 700 engineers working to bring aerial ridesharing to our skies.  JIMCO Technology Fund is proud to support this aerial future.

As a venture fund, we are supporting some of the most promising new fintech start-ups in the Middle East region, including tabby, Rain, Lean Technologies and Flexxpay.

We seek help our investments in many other ways, than just providing equity.

Our team includes  Harvard, Wharton, and London Business School alumni.  CFA and ex-big consultancy firm members that are all able act as mentors and advisors to help our -pathfinding entrepreneurs grow their enterprise.

Such support can range from enabling expansion into new territories and providing in depth local experience, expertise and guidance in those markets where Abdul Latif Jameel has an operational presence –  leveraging our 75 year heritage in international business.  Our expertise is particularly strong in fields such as mobility, renewable energy and water solutions.

Beyond this, we can discuss offering debt financing if needed; bringing other international investment partners into future future rounds and even potential acquisition of the startup or merger with one of the existing Abdul Latif Jameel businesses across the world.

We have great relationships with some of the world’s leading universities including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London and the University of Tokyo, amongst many others, that enables access to great research and further resources.

As a fund investor we strive for the most mutual beneficial and collaborative relationships.

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