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FlexxPay, a social impact fintech company with offices in Europe and the GCC, providing employee benefit solutions for businesses of all sizes in the MENA region.

When you ask people what they love about the business they work for, their response may range wildly from company culture, to discounted gym membership, and of course, the amazing coffee machine.

What’s rarely ever mentioned is that financial wellness is a top employee priority –  that’s something that goes beyond receiving an appropriate salary, it genuinely means financial security and the ability to access their salary whenever employees might need it the most.

FlexxPay offers an innovative financial wellness platform with a simple vision – to bring financial security, dignity, and savings to the millions experiencing financial stress. By offering an alternative to the traditional payment cycle, FlexxPay aims to reduce the financial stress on employees and increase their motivation, and in turn, enhance productivity, sales and employee retention rates for businesses.

Pre-Series A Feb 2021
  • Michael Trüschler
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Charbel Nasr
    Co-Founder & CTO

In a traditional pay cycle, an employee gets paid their salary at the end of each month. This method of paying employees is failing many average paid workers. More than 50% of the workforce live from payday to payday, unable to cover unexpected expenses that come up during the month. For many, that means skipping meals, selling possessions, taking on any extra work or going through extreme measures.

This problem deserves a solution. It’s the reason FlexxPay founders began their new venture.

Their mission is to fix the pay frequency problem by providing businesses – and their employees – with an instant pay platform. FlexxPay empowers those who need it the most, to access a portion of their already earned salaries (or commissions) whenever they most need it.

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