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Laronde was founded in 2017 by Flagship Labs, the innovation foundry of Flagship Pioneering  and is pathfinding a platform that offers a completely novel way of modulating human biology.  Endless RNA™ (eRNA), is a uniquely engineered RNA that can be programmed to express diverse therapeutic proteins inside the body.  It is persistent, non-immunogenic, allows for repeat dosing, and offers flexibility in formulation and delivery.

Avak Kahvejian, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Board Member of Laronde, and General Partner, Flagship Pioneering, recently commented that “Over the past few years, we have seen how programmable platforms like translatable mRNA can rapidly bring forward new medicines.  eRNA solves many of the limitations of other drug modalities and unlocks new opportunities for creating first- and best-in-class therapeutics.”

Laronde continues to advance the exciting new science of eRNA and has already been able to demonstrate controlled expression of secreted peptides, proteins, antibodies, and vaccine constructs in vivo through a number of delivery mechanisms.  The eRNA platform’s programmability and unique pharmacology promises accelerated development and a increased program success versus more traditional biotech programs.

In August 2021, the JIMCO Life Sciences Fund participated in Laronde’s Series B funding round to advance the development of its eRNA platform and a broad pipeline of programs across a number of therapeutic categories. The company is rapidly scaling to support the parallel development of multiple programs across many disease areas.

Series B Aug 2021
  • Noubar Afeyan
    Co-Founder & Chairman, Founder & CEO, Flagship Pioneering
  • Avak Kahvejian
    Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Diego Miralles
    Chief Executive Officer & CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Jesper Gromada
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Tej Pavoor
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Vadim Dudkin
    Chief Technology Officer

Only a couple of years ago, unproven messenger RNA (mRNA) technology was subject to significant skepticism across the life sciences and health industries. The recent successful developments of mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 and enthusiasm for experimental mRNA programs for infectious diseases, cancer, and more have since changed that and they were to be just the beginning for this biotech revolution.

mRNA molecules are typically linear but scientific research describing the discovery of circular RNA in humans and animals indicated that this circular shape could make mRNA therapies safer, longer-lasting, and potentially more effective. Laronde’s eRNA technology makes it possible for an entirely new class of programmable medicines to be developed in any therapeutic area with the option to deliver these through multiple routes of administration.

Diego Miralles

Chief Executive Officer Laronde

Diego Miralles is a veteran pharmaceutical and biotech leader who joined Flagship Pioneering in 2020, as CEO-Partner and CEO of Laronde.

Previously an Assistant Professor at Duke University Medical Center, where he practiced as an HIV physician and conducted basic research in T-cell development. He has an MD from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, conducted his residency at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, and his fellowship in Infectious Diseases at New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center.

JIMCO Life Sciences Fund recently caught-up with Diego for a fascinating insight into their breakthrough eRNA platform and how this impacts future drug design and discovery.

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