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Founded in 2017, Cellarity is a first-of-its-kind therapeutics company discovering and developing medicines by studying and altering cell behaviors.

This ‘cell-centric’ approach effectively shifts the drug-development paradigm and in doing so enables Cellarity to pioneer a whole new generation of medicines targeting – and changing – cell behavior itself, in order to treat disease.

This is a biological vantage point that will open new treatment avenues for numerous diseases, including many that have been too complex to resolve with traditional approaches.

Cellarity has already identified a number of Cell Behavior Targeting compounds and validated their effects with in vitro and in vivo disease models, progressing programs in hematology, immune-oncology, metabolism and respiratory diseases.

Series B May 2021
Series C Oct 2022
  • Noubar Afeyan
    Founder & CEO, Flagship Pioneering
  • Avak Kahvejian
    General Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Fabrice Chouraqui
    CEO Cellarity & CEO-Partner Flagship Pioneering

Cellarity has developed a powerful, generalizable platform harnessing single-cell technologies and machine learning to unveil the network state of a given cell, defining the cell’s behavior.

Cellarity’s platform digitizes and quantifies cellular behaviors, unravels the network dynamics that govern those behaviors, and generates medicines that can direct them.

Mapping biological connections to AI-generated cell behavior screening enables rapid exploration of new therapeutic hypotheses. This information is captured in Cellarity Maps — digital guides that allow for cross-species, cross-disease, and cross-therapeutic interpretation of cell behavior biology.

Cellarity has demonstrated that these computationally derived hypotheses can alter disease states in animal models and is preparing to move multiple programs to the clinical trial stage.

In 2021, JIMCO Life Sciences Fund joined Cellarity’s Series B funding round to help build a bridge to commercializing this innovative approach to medicine.

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