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Thndr Trading Platform

Founded in Egypt in 2019, by , Thndr is a mobile-first equities trading platform designed to widen accessibility and enable people to invest in stock, bonds, and funds – without charging commission.   In August 2020, Thndr received a brokerage license to operate claiming it as the first new license issued by Egypt’s Financial Regulatory Authority since 2008.

Users can sign up for one of Thndr’s subscription-based trading accounts using the app in a few easy steps, no brokers and no branches.  Once approved, they can start investing in their favorite businesses listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and subscribe to Mutual Funds managed by the best-in class asset managers in the country.

Pre-Series A May 2021
Series A Feb 2022
  • Ahmad Hammouda
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Seif Amr
    Co-Founder & COO

Ahmad Hammouda, states “Our vision is to put wealth in the hands of everyday individuals.  With the rise of technology, and the foresight of a very supportive Financial Regulatory Authority, we can make this vision come to life — Egypt is expected to be the 7th largest economy by 2030 and has more than 100 million people, most of which are young and are looking for a convenient and digital way to invest their money.  That’s why we are excited to bring a new breed of young investors to the market.”

Thndr not only makes investment more accessible through removing commissions and account-opening minimums, but also equips its users with a range of tools and the market-knowledge necessary to navigate the Egyptian finance sector and to ultimately achieve financial freedom.


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