December 11, 2021

JIMCO Life Sciences Fund confirms participation in Cambridge Epigenetix US$ 88 million Series D funding to advance best-in-class DNA sequencing technology platform

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  • Proprietary genetic and epigenetic sequencing technology, easily integrates into existing sequencing platforms to enable more information to be read from DNA at less cost
  • Manufacturing of the first Cambridge Epigenetix product from their new technology platform already underway with expected commercial availability in early 2022
  • Investment continues JIMCO Life Sciences Fund support of innovative breakthrough technologies with the potential to positively shape the future of core industries driving the global economy and health inclusivity for all

Cambridge, UK – December 11, 2021:

JIMCO Life Sciences Fund, the biotech venture and innovation fund and part of JIMCO, the Jameel Family’s global investment arm, confirmed its participation in the Cambridge Epigenetix (CECX) US$ 88 million Series D funding round.

Financing from this round will be used to commercialize the company’s proprietary genetic and epigenetic sequencing technology, which easily integrates into existing sequencing platforms to enable more information to be read from DNA.  The technology has been validated by leading genomic research institutions including Professor Dennis Lo of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and Professor Wolf Reik of the Babraham Institute, who continued using the technology through early access programs.

Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian FRS FMedSci, co-founder of Cambridge Epigenetix in 2012, who co-invented next-generation DNA sequencing with Prof David Klenerman said, “We are pleased to have raised a significant Series D round from high-profile investors to support the commercial launch of the first product from our new multiomic platform, and the expansion of our organization. 

“Importantly, our sequencing technology works with all sequencers and enhances their accuracy as opposed to replacing or competing with them.  Our technology has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost of genome sequencing, as the low sample requirement and streamlined workflow facilitate its cost-effectiveness and ease of use without sacrificing accuracy.  We look forward to making game-changing contributions to DNA sequencing, epigenomic research and precision medicine.”

Fady Jameel, a member of the Jameel Family’s Investment Supervisory Board, said: “We are delighted to make this investment in next generation DNA sequencing technology with the JIMCO Life Sciences Fund as we further our ambition to accelerate access to affordable modern medical care for those who need it most and drive increasing inclusivity for new medicines.  The Cambridge Epigenetix platform has the exciting potential to revolutionize the way we detect, diagnose, treat and understand disease at the genome
level in a more detailed and cost-effective way aiding the development of affordable next generation diagnostics.”

CEGX’s product unambiguously identifies five letters of DNA – four genetic bases (A-T-C-G) plus methylated cytosine (5mC or 5hmC) – in a single sequencing workflow with a low DNA sample requirement and high accuracy.  Epigenetic markers are a vital source of biological information that will enable the next generation of diagnostics such as those for early cancer detection.  

The laboratory component of Cambridge Epigenetix’s product is in manufacture and these kits, combined with software, are expected to be available for purchase in early 2022.  This will be followed by the launch of additional multiomic products from this platform, the next being a 6-letter kit, and development of further technology  platforms supported by CEGX’s extensive IP portfolio.

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JIMCO (the Abdul Latif Jameel Investment Management Company) is the Jameel Family’s global investment arm, consolidating under one name an established Jameel Family tradition of investing in innovative ideas and businesses promising positive change that stretches back to, at least, the early 1980s.  Today, JIMCO is an active global investor in innovative, early-stage and breakthrough ventures, business models and emergent technologies, aiming to positively shape the future of core industries driving the global economy. 

These investments are diverse and embrace medical and healthcare industries, fintech, insurtech, electric vehicles and future mobility solutions, and the future of energy, amongst others, and are made in carefully selected and targeted funds and also in fledgling businesses, but all have a common focus in the pursuit of a more sustainable tomorrow.

JIMCO comprises a number of independent legal entities, there are three primary fund brands:

  • The JIMCO Technology Fund – focusing on venture building, both through select, targeted funds and direct investments.
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  • The JIMCO Strategic Asset Fund – focusing on forward-thinking fund with a clear, aligned, long-term vision, with relevant sector specialization from sustainability initiatives, to drivers of global energy transformation towards renewable, sustainable and clean sources of power.

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About Cambridge Epigenetix

Cambridge Epigenetix is revolutionizing sequencing by delivering new dimensions of information from DNA to see and treat disease earlier and transform life sciences and medicine.  The commercial-stage company’s platform provides more information with greater efficiency at higher quality and lower cost than standard next generation DNA sequencing technology.  Easily integrating into existing sequencers, the company’s products allow the user to see at-a-glance genomic and epigenetic information.  This information can be used to detect, diagnose, treat and understand disease. 

Based in Cambridge, UK, the company is founded by a pioneer in DNA sequencing intent on leading the next great leap forward in genomics. 

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